Great Badminton Church

2016 Badminton Church Christmas Card

Great Badminton Christmas Card 2016

Great Badminton Christmas / Greetings Card 2016

We are pleased to announce that The Great Badminton Church Restoration Fund (GBCRF) has produced a new Christmas and Greetings card for 2016.

The cards come in packs of five and are A5 landscape in size, at a cost of £5.00 per pack.

The front of the card shows the view from the rear of the church to the Chancel and altar. On the rear is a view of the west of the church and its tower across the South Garden of Badminton House. We have left the inside of the card blank so that you can use them all year round for any event.

The cards can be bought through The Great Badminton Church Restoration Fund’s web shop, or locally at Drewett’s Store in Badminton High Street, or at The Hawkesbury Stores in Hawkesbury Upton.

All proceeds from the sale of cards go directly to The Great Badminton Church Restoration Fund to support the next phase of the restoration project.

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