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The Great Badminton Church Restoration project was started due to the ever declining state of the beautiful Georgian church. The last restoration project was completed in 1971 - and is commemorated by a plaque in the Chancel stating that H.M The Queen, H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales were present for the commemoration service in April 1971, along with the 10th Duke of Beaufort.

The previous restoration project was completed in 1909 by the 9th Duke of Beaufort.

The current restoration project will cover the list of repairs needed below. We are reliant upon donations to be able to undertake this work, so any donations are very gratefully received.

Weeds Growing Above the Outer Porch
Weeds Growing Above the Outer Porch

Restoration Phase 1

  • The rewiring of the entire church. This will included the running of new wiring throughout the church, its tower and roofspace, following the old cable routes wherever possible.
  • The replacement of all distribution boards and fuse boxes, updating them to the latest specifications.
  • The installation of under-pew heating panels in all box pews and the choir stalls.
  • The installation of safety lighting in the tower and roofspace of the church.
  • The replacement of the old inefficient spotlights in the Chancel with modern, energy efficient LED spotlights.

The Faculty to commence the restoration project work was granted on 5th May 2016. The restoration project work started on 17th October 2016, with the new wiring and heaters in place for Remembrance Sunday. The final works were completed on Ash Wednesday - 1st March 2017.

Restoration Phase 2

  • The restoration or replacement of stonework on the roof''s balustrade.
  • The complete overhaul of the stonework of the entire tower, its pinnacles, balustrade and roof.
  • The unblocking (possibly by the removal of) of most drainpipes, due to leaf and debris blocking them.
  • The re-pointing of stonework on the south facade.
  • The restoration or replacement of damaged sections of cornice, which will also require lead capping.
  • The replacement of some stonework in the parapet wall.
  • The re-pointing of the open joints in the parapet wall.
  • The replacement of missing and damaged sound louvres to the bell chamber in the tower.
  • The repair of wet rot in some of the roof timbers.
    To clean down and treat all exterior doors.
  • The repair of the corrosion to the iron bell frame.
  • Adding a glass roof over the outer porch to replace one that has long been removed.
  • The repair of the stone steps leading out of the west door of the porch into Badminton House's South Gardens.
  • The repair of the lintel of the fireplace in the tribune (private gallery) at the western end of the church.
  • The re-plastering and re-painting of areas of the interior walls damaged by water ingress or peeling paint.
  • The re-pointing of some flagstones in the floor of the nave and aisles.
  • The redecoration of the vestry.

The Phase 2 of the restoration project has been estimated to cost in excess of £100,000 to complete. The Faculty application process commenced in March 2017.

To see example of some of the damage listed above, please look at picture galleries in The Church pages of the website.