Phase 1 To Rewire and Heat the Church Commences

The Great Badminton BookletWe are pleased to announce that we are in a position to start work on Phase 1 of The Great Badminton Church Restoration Fund project, to rewire the entire building and heat the church, in mid-October 2016.

The work will primarily involve electrical works of all sorts.

  • Rewiring of the entire church.
  • Replacing its fuse boxes and distribution boards with modern equivalents.
  • Under-pew heaters will be installed to give a source of heat within the notoriously cold church for the first time in decades, and so heat the church to take the chill off it for the long-suffering congregation.
  • The chandeliers will be rewired and be fitted with energy saving LED bulbs.
  • The lighting to the Chancel will be improved to increase light  quality in the Chancel.
  • The Installation of lighting in the roofspace.

We expect the work for Phase 1 to be completed in time for Remembrance Sunday 2016, with us being able to heat the church for that service for the first for in decades.