Badminton Church Restoration

Restoration Work

damage to the roof ballustrade 3 20150309 1243115174The last work of any significance that was done at Great Badminton was undertaken between 1968 and 1971. Since then, nature has slowly been taking its toll on the structure of the building. Although the roof itself is in good condition, the stonework around the top of the building in particular has suffered badly. Pieces of stone have broken away, pointing has crumbled and, as a result, water is seeping into the church itself and starting to cause damage to the interior of the building, especially in the areas around the joint of the apse and Nave.

We have a large amount of costly work to do in order to bring the building back to good condition. Our top priority is to make safe the dangerous electrical systems, which can currently only be used to provide lighting and operate the organ. The installation of heating will be done at the same time to help regulate the temperature within the church and keep the congregation warm.

Thereafter, our next priority is to make the church watertight, followed by internal redecoration to the damaged areas.

With the church being owned and run by the PCC, and not The Duke of Beaufort or the Badminton Estate, we are reliant upon donations and grants to be able to fund the required works. We are in the process of applying for grants from various charities and organisations, but will still rely upon generous donations from individuals to be able to raise all the funds needed to complete the project.


Access to St. Michael and All Angels, Great Badminton

Currently, for reasons beyond our control, the church is closed to general access. However, it is open whenever there is an advertised service through the Badminton Benefice's website and also at any time by appointment. The church is also visited during all tours of Badminton House and sees some 500 visitors each year from these tours alone. Additionally, the church is open on all Garden Opening days where upto 1,000 a day visit the church. To arrange a visit to Great Badminton, please contact Mrs Sheilah Michael at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01454 218648.